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The Transformative Power of Mudras: A Book Review of ‘Mudras – Yoga In Your Hands’

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The Transformative Power of Mudras: A Book Review of ‘Mudras – Yoga In Your Hands’
Photograph of the book 'Mudras Yoga in your Hands', written by Gertrud Hirschi

The Transformative Power of Mudras: A Book Review of ‘Mudras – Yoga In Your Hands’

Let us discover the transformative power of mudras and yoga through this insightful Book Review of 'Mudras Yoga in your Hands.' Enhance your perception and gain a deeper understanding of these ancient techniques.

The concept of Mudras originated from ancient times and was specially used by Hinduism and Buddhism followers. It’s a type of symbolic gesture of the hands and fingers, which was used in olden times either in ceremonies or dance performances. Mudras are arranging your fingers of the palm in a certain way that your entire systems may be altered just by changing the positions. As per some thoughts, it is believed and experienced by many, that the science of this Mudra involves geometry of the body. Hence, by doing a certain mudra, the energies tend to move in a particular way. It is also said that mudras in combination with other yoga, one can regulate the breath in a manner, that with persistent efforts one may get the desired results. By doing such types of exercise one may have the ability to point the energy to any part of the body, based on the desire of the performer.

As per Buddhism, a mudra acts as a visual “seal”, which is a type of affirmation of a mystical mantra or a vow to ward off the evil. As per the author of the book, Gertrud Hirschi, during the Christianization of the Nordic peoples, many gestures with hands were prohibited and not permitted. However, the author states that these gestures were later somewhat integrated into the Christian teachings.

Apart from Buddhism, in Indian dance also, the mudras may be seen as the body movements of the hands and eye. It is said that Mudras are used in the Indian dance like Bharatanatyam. This type of dance is believed to be the one of the oldest and eminent form of Indian classical dance that originated in the Tanjore district of Tamil Nadu in South India. It is said that this dance form is almost thousands of years old, which makes it very ancient in the world. It is also believed that the practice of this Bharatanatyam style got its start in South Indian temples, where Devadasi (dancers dedicated to serving the Lord) performed this dance along with spoken services. As per the dance, approximately, 55 root mudras (hand/finger gestures) in Bharatanatyam are used to communicate different gestures, ideas, creativity etc.

As per the author, Hatha Yoga, also expresses the many states of mind and it had the ability to influence the emotions like joy, anger, serenity and the author also states that the opposite is also true as these gestures can influence in a positive way. These are feelings and experiences of thousands of people who practiced the mudra for a specific cause.

This particular book provides a very detailed way of using the mudras and the ways one need to perform. The book give details about when and where one can practice a mudra, origin of the mudras, breathing, visualization and affirmations to enhance the mudras, mudras and healing emotional problems, mudras and other hand therapies and much more.

Personally speaking, I also tried doing mudras for specific issues pertaining to either meditation, emotions, controlling negative thoughts etc. and I feel it worked for me. These mudras are performed in specific ways based on the issues one faces. However, there are specific mudras which are not to be performed by specific people like pregnant woman and having some specific health problems.

Hence I feel, one may do this mudras after reading all the pros and cons of the mudras and after knowing much details about the same. The time of doing a specific mudra also need to be followed. I personally feel that doing mudras for long without the knowledge of time may not be good for health. Hence, guidance may be required.

In the book the most interesting part are the knowledge of specific mudras and their ways to do the same. This book has so many information about mudras and their use, that one can gain much knowledge about hand yoga. As per the author, these mudras are “finger power points” or yoga like positions for one’s hands and fingers.

Sometimes I feel I need to thank the writer for writing such a wonderful informative book and after following some of the mudras, I feel better, happier and more confident. There are several mudras mentioned in the book and there are some, which actually worked for me. This book, I feel it’s a blessings for people like me. I am not sure about others but for me this book did change my world for better.

This book have the potential to help ‘Homo sapiens’ avert illness and may be a support for physical and emotional problems. These mudras can help in the spiritual development and these mudras can intensify the effect of breathing exercises, affirmations, visualizations, herbs, nutrition, music and colors.

The author of this book ‘Mudras Yoga In Your Hand’, Gertrud Hirschi is a teacher of Yoga and she teaches in her own Yoga School in Zurich, Switzerland. She holds seminars in Switzerland, Germany and Greece. She is also the author of Basic Yoga for Everybody.

I read the book and if I have to rate the book on 10 Stars and 10 being the highest, I will give the book 9 stars.

(Please Note: The above are my own personal thoughts based on reading this book. Your views, facts, and opinions after reading the book may differ)

This is all from me in this short article. Hope you have liked my personal thoughts and opinions. Please share your views or comments on the Book Review and Recommendation of the book, ‘Mudras Yoga in your Hands’ written by Gertrud Hirschi.

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