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My Story

From historic times, Books have always been human’s friend. In olden times, when there was no digitization, the knowledge which was shared to the world, was through books; written either on paper with an ink or in specialized clay tablets.

Today’s books are printed with a good cover. Books are not just a source of knowledge but through this one can feel living emotions, move through the clouds, fly across the fantasy world and can enlighten ourselves from the knowledge of the ancient seers. The art of reading a book have come across new challenge due to the presence of videos, silver screens, mobile online platforms etc.

However, book reading has its own benefits. Majumdar's late father Prodip Mazumder use to say that reading a book helps one’s brain to work and make the nerves and neurons to interact more with each other. The scientists and medical fraternity may agree or disagree but book reading has a charm of its own. It’s a world, which opens you to immense possibilities.

Mainak is a professional in the Industry and Business organization spanning a career of over Eighteen (18) years on Disaster Risk Management, Environment and Government Affairs and increasing Membership Base for Industry Associations. He has actively participated in Industry Awareness campaigns in almost 21 states in India and has spoken to large number of Industries for disaster management. Majumdar has specialized in planning & implementation of Development & Social Projects on Environment & Disaster Management at Implementation level as well as policy. He has an extensive background in providing accurate information about Indian Industry and its problems & prospects thereby facilitating development of effective strategies, for sectors like Government Affairs, Disaster Management, Environment & Corporate Social Responsibility.

Majumdar have contributed extensively to studies, surveys and research papers on Disaster Management for the monthly publication of the organization, business digest and various business magazines. On International Arena, Majumdar has attended meetings at the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UNISDR) at Geneva, Switzerland and in a different occasion at the International Road Union (IRU), General Assembly at Geneva. Majumdar has also travelled to Manila, Philippines to attend the UNISDR ARISE Board Meeting.


In Academics, Mainak Majumdar has done his Master's in environmental sciences, Bangalore University and had received two Gold Medals for standing First in the University from the Then Governor of Karnataka, India.

The names of the two Gold Medals are Sri N. Rama Rao Endownment Gold Medal and Sri Bhushan Phene Memorial Gold Medal.

Mainak Majumdar has also done a course on ‘Environmental Safety’ from Saint Petersburg State University, Russia. Mainak Majumdar has also done a course on ‘The Sustainable Development Goals – A Global Transdisciplinary Vision For The Future’ from University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

M Majumdar is passionate about writing articles on Environment, Nature and Buildings, which have a history of its own. He also writes about those structures, which are ages old and have a story of it’s own. Originally from West Bengal, India, He has traveled to various parts of India and in Foreign countries, he had visited Geneva, Vevey, Montreux, Manila etc. for official purposes . He loves books, yoga, and music.

To encourage people to read books, he started this book review website, where he put his own personal thoughts of his recent read. Invite you all to visit the website:


A Yound Man in the Library
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