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"Reflecting on the Lessons: My Takeaways from 'Promises To Keep' by Joe Biden"

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"Reflecting on the Lessons: My Takeaways from 'Promises To Keep' by Joe Biden"
Book Photograph of the Book 'Promises To Keep' by Joe Biden

Reflecting on the Lessons: My Takeaways from 'Promises To Keep'

Political ambitions and joining politics are one of the most important jobs of any nation. Many of those who are not interested in this sector also do realize that if we have extraordinary candidates in the helm of affairs of a nation, the country is stronger, healthier and happier due to effective policies. Reading books is something which I do and when I come across stories and articles, which encourages my soul, it fill my heart with joy. It does not matter which country, we are born but when we read incredible accomplishments from ordinary human beings, it becomes an inspiration for masses. For me, we all are brothers and sisters of this great planet. We all have emotions, love and generosity. So, when we read from the struggles of a human in some other part of the globe, it makes us emotional and give us strength to move on in life.

This is a book about the extraordinary life of Mr. Joe Biden, the President of United States of America. There are many learning’s which I attained from the author’s life and this may help readers like me to move forward in life. A lot of memories are shared from his childhood, specially about his friends, who use to gather at his grandpa’s house and have fun. Like many of us, the author’s grandfather have a lot of influence on him. There are many beautiful incidents, where the author shares his experiences from his childhood days. In one of the writings Joe Biden mentions that:

“When I look back at my earliest political speeches, I see that it was much more than an inspiration of Dr. King or the Kennedy that animated my entrance into public life. It was as much my grandpop’s simple, straightforward belief that the welfare of our country depends on having leaders who call it like they see it: “ People don’t know who or what to believe in - and, most of all, they are afraid to believe in politicians,” These are words of the author at Hotel du Point in Wilmington when he announced his candidacy for the senate in 1972.

(Excerpts taken from the book 'Promises To Keep' by Joe Biden)

The author’s father loved his family more than any individual may have ordinarily done. One of his key principles that the author shared is that his dad understood the fact that the world didn’t owe him a living. Whatever may be his past, he was willing to take any kind of work if his family needed money.  The author shares the same in the form a story when his mother found his father at his booth in his pressed tweed jacket, with his elegantly knot ted silk tie and his pocket square folded to four crisp points, selling pennants, he was humiliated. In the words of the author;

It was bad enough that he was doing it, it was worse that my mom had to see it. But she walked up to him, put her arms around him, and said, “I am so proud of you.”

(Excerpts taken from the book 'Promises To Keep' by Joe Biden)

So, in today’s generation, when impatience and success grips the brain, these stories tell us the value of ‘family’. It is just not a tale but a human connection towards the household, the sense of duty to sacrifice one’s ego and readiness to face humiliation, so as to bring smiles for family, which are rare qualities these days.

One of the best thing, which I learnt from this book is from the sayings from the author’s father, where he shares a quote of Benjamin Disraeli: “Never complain. Never explain”.

When I read about the views of his dad for shouldering burdens with grace, I remembered a few lines about my late father Prodip Mazumder, who use to say to me, “you have to go on in life and never feel bad about anything”. My late father was one of my best friend and the author’s description brought back many personal memories.

I am from a different part of the world and as I am reading about Joe Biden for the first time, I thank my destiny that I came in contact with a book, which touched my heart. It was a great learning from situations the author faced and the way he moved out of it in flying colours, made me to respect the extraordinary spirit of humanity even more.

The book describes another touching moment, where Neilia, the wife of Joe Biden met with an accident and he lost his beloved wife and his baby daughter Naomi. He was left with his son Beau, who had broken bones and Hunt, who had head injuries. It took time for the author to come back to normal life and it was not easy. Losing someone very close has the ability to make a person renounce the world, as at that point of time, power, money and all other materialistic things seems to be valueless. It was a difficult period for the author but with time he overcame the same. This book of Joe Biden shows us that life is not just bed of roses or bed of thorns, it has so many challenges that even thorns seem to be a better option sometimes.

The question lies that can work, work and work be an option for a mind which have renounced every thing in life? Or doing something without any form of desire or expectation is a way to keep the mind recover form pain? I feel that this can only be answered by humans who have undergone extreme situations.

Later it was Jill Biden who came in the life of the author and took control of the entire situation.  Jill Biden, Ed.D., is the First Lady of the United States, a community college educator, a military mother, a grandmother, and bestselling author. Dr. Biden also served as Second Lady of the United States from 2009-2017.  During her first two years as First Lady, Dr. Biden has traveled to over 40 states and territories, over 100 cities, and ten other countries. She has continued championing the causes and have supported military families, advocating for increased education opportunities and working to end Cancer.

Starting from getting elected to Senate at the age of 29, President Biden became one of the youngest people to ever elected to the United States Senate. Biden was sworn into the U.S Senate at his son’s hospital bedsides and began commuting from Wilmington to Washington every day, first by car, and then by train, in order to be with his family. He would continue to do so throughout his time in the Senate. Beau Biden later passed away in 2015 after battling brain cancer with the same integrity, courage, and strength he demonstrated everyday of his life. Beau’s fight with cancer inspires the mission of President Biden’s life. On April 25, 2019, Biden announced his candidacy for President of the United States. As I write this article, Mr. Biden is the current President of United States of America.

I read the book and if I have to rate the book on 10 Stars and 10 being the highest, I will give the book 9 stars.

(Please Note: The above are my own personal thoughts based on reading this book. Your views, facts, and opinions after reading the book may differ.  You may please place your comment, if any facts written in this article need to be re looked )

This is all from me in this short article. Hope you have liked my personal thoughts and opinions. Please share your views or comments on the Book Review and Recommendation of the book, ‘Promises To Keep’ written by Joe Biden.

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