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The Midnight Library: Book Review

Updated: Apr 17

Original Article was published in my Medium Page

This is a photograph of the Book from Amazon Kindle. The Book is named ‘The Midnight Library’ and which is written by Matt Haig

My Own Review of the Book I bought in KINDLE (AMAZON):

The Midnight Library: Book Review

When I bought this book at Kindle, I had a completely different view of this book based on the title.

I initially thought it was all about a library. As I started reading the book, I felt that it was about a library which as per the author,

Matt Haig is something which exists between Life and Death. The story of Nora and her struggles in life and her decision to move on in life with the experiences She has in the midnight library is just awesome.

I personally feel that its a new concept and out of all the things which I liked in the book is — We do not have to understand life but we need to live life… At times, while reading, you may feel a bit monotonous, but towards end, it has a beautiful ending.

As per the old saying goes, all well that ends well. So, as I shared my personal thoughts after reading the book — The Midnight Library.

If I have to rate the book on 10 Stars and 10 being the highest, I will give the book 9 Stars.

Thanks once again for giving me to an opportunity to share my thoughts here on the book — The Midnight Library.

(Mainak Majumdar)

Thanks for visiting the Book Review website:

Thanks and Regards:

Mainak Majumdar, Book Critic

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