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Show Your Work : Book Review

Updated: Apr 17

Original Article was published in my Medium Page

Photograph of the Book — Show Your Work. The picture is taken from Amazon Kindle Books. The Book is written by Austin Kleon

Show Your Work : Book Review

I recently read the book ‘Show Your Work’ by Austin Kleon and it was an interesting read.

I was totally engrossed into the advice and suggestions which I thought the author tried to tell the world about showcasing one’s work.

Austin Kleon has marvelously brought out the fact that no one need to be genius to become a successful human being, but through small changes in ones thought process and routine, one can do wonders.

The thought that ‘You want hearts not eyeballs’ really moved me. In one of the quotations shared by him is of Jeffrey Zeldman, who said “What you want is to follow and be followed by human beings who care about issues you care about. This thing we make together.

This thing is about hearts and minds, not eyeballs.” It’s a wonderful read and I personally feel that this book can shake your thoughts to make something new in this world by showcasing your talents through your entrepreneurship ventures.

If I have to rate the book on 10 Stars and 10 being the highest, I will give the book 8 Stars.

(Mainak Majumdar)

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