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Recalculate, Rework Life With Numerology : Book Review of ‘Secrets of Numerology’

Updated: Apr 17

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Photograph of the book ‘Secrets of Numerology’ by Dawne Kovan

This is wonderful book written by Dawne Kovan.

Before reviewing the book, let me share thoughts on the subject.

Numerology or the power of numbers play a very significant role in understanding an event as per the belief of those, who have faith in this science. Let’s first understand the importance of Numbers.

The moment you wake up, you see the clock, which has some specified numbers. It may be 6 o clock, 7 o clock or any other time, which is again a combination of numbers. The date on which one goes to work is also a set of numbers, the vehicle on which one sits to go to office is also a set of numbers, the cash ones transact with any vendors is also numbers.

Hence, you can observe that everything in this world and the universe is ruled by numbers. Let’s take the example of a solar system. In this solar system, you can find that the entire universe is subjected to the number of stars which has, the number of planets, the type of satellites found around the planets, the distance in between the planets etc., which are all numbers. If you closely have a look, one can find that from birth to death, its just numbers and in most cases — its just a series of numbers.

So, if you closely have a look, the entire business, the very existence of economics, financials are all based on numbers. In olden days, people use to have a type of barter system, where it was said that one need to give one item based on the number of things provided. At those times, there was no currency system. Even after the invention of the currency system, it is now full of numbers. Hence, everywhere it’s all about numbers.

It’s difficult to come to conclusion as to when and how the use of Numbers came into existence, however it’s quite clear that all these started from pre-historic times. The Pythagorean and Chaldean school of numbers are the most used. Chaldean Numerology is older, but Pythagorean system of numbers is far more popular as far my analysis goes.

However, I try to use to both the form of Numerology calculation to understand the path and the things which may occur in one’s life. As per many numerologists, the Pythagorean Numerology has its origin from the West, The Chaldean Numerology has its origin from Ancient Babylon and The Kabbalah Numerology has its origin from Hebrew Mysticism.

Pythagoras was considered a great mathematician. He was born in Greece in the 6th Century and is also known as the Father of Modern Numerology. As per some reports, Pythagoras has been recorded that he has spent many years of study in Egypt and have also moved to other parts of the world to learn this ancient science. However, it is said that after his death around 500 BC, his students and followers started using this ancient science.

Your Numerology Chart also determines your life path number, which is essential to uncover what remains in store for your coming future. Numerology can help to explain your individual motivations, strengths, weakness, and emotional reactions to circumstances.

The most important number in this Lifetime is the Life Path Number which exposes the path you are on in this lifetime. It reveals the person, you are pre-destined and end up being and the difficulties you may undergo in order to grow into and become that person. Your birthday number highlights your skills that will help you to enhance your life. Your numbers can inform you of specific gifts that you are blessed with and that is of great benefit to yourself and to the world.

Let us discuss in detail about how to calculate your Life Path Number.

For example, if some one is born in the year 26 December, 1960. This Person will have a birthdate number 26, which if brought to a single digit will become 2+6 = 8

After getting the birthdate number, let us calculate the Life path Number of the person. The Life Path Number can be obtained by adding the total numbers i.e 26/12/1960, which means 2+6+1+2+1+9+6+0 = 27 = 9 (2+7).

Hence 9 becomes the life path number of the individual.

Let me take you through my own analysis about the numbers and it’s energies.

Now, let us speak about the vibrational aspects of the numbers One to Nine. Each of these numbers have a particular vibration of their own. Infact, our whole world is about responding to vibrational patterns or creating them by one or the other means. These vibrational patterns may be in line with the better thoughts of people, or it may not be harmonious. If you take any planets in the universe, each has its own vibration and through these vibrations, their patterns and their way of influencing us, we human beings are evolved. In some cultures, in the world, most of these patterns are in the way of the assertive, which may be called as the yang -masculine, or the passive, which is known as the yin feminine or the harmonious pattern. Let us discuss these patterns in detail:

Numbers And Energies:

Number 1:

As the number, so is its vibration. Its all about having a willful nature, who wants to lead in any circumstances. It’s also about being selfish for one’s own agenda and putting ones own need before others, regardless of personal consequences. Its also about being boastful about one’s work done and being a bit impulsive. On the passive side, its all about being dependent and fearful of making any decisions or taking any initiative. Number 1 have the strength to go forward, but somewhere do not like to express themselves openly due to sudden fear. Hence, it needs the support of number 3 or number 9 to move forward.

Number 2:

As the number goes, its always about team building and co-operation. The number 2’s are great in making a great team and on the assertive side they are arbitrary, strident and sometimes they may be dishonest in their approach. There are also times, when they over-look details and try to create a division. On the passive side this number is all about their inability to take a stand and often found vacillating and fault finding. However, this number is great at being diplomatic and their ability to infuse great ideas amongst different groups.

Number 3:

This number is all about self-expression and creativity. However, they may sometimes be very superficial and likes to gossip. They sometimes need to leave the ‘I’ word and move with the ‘We’. Sometimes, they dislike getting practical and likes to live in an imaginary world. On the passive side, they lack the concentration and though they are blessed with much of creativity, these people lack the concentration. They have a proper gift of speech and could influence.

Number 4:

These number is all about hard work and reliability. Though the number has stubbornness and sees one way of doing certain things and may lack emotional stability. However, on the passive side the number 4 can be lazy and can resist new methods and can be narrow in their own thought process. However, the number 4 is loyal and fulfils a given task very well.

Number 5:

This number is all about freedom. However, they are very restless and most of the times are nervous. They also sometimes ignore the rules and laws. There inner most fear is any new change and their inability to learn from their past experience. The best part of this number is that its all about having diverse talents, seeker of freedom and is quick. This number loves travel.

Number 6:

This number is about responsibility and caring. However, the main problem is this energy gets over involved with other’s problems. They are also like dictator in their homes and is prone to arguing and hence get easily upset. The passive part of this number is that they may like to get over -involved in other’s problems, whereas may lack concern for family and home. The number need to work upon stopping constant complaining and getting anxious. They are however very artistic in taste.

Number 7:

This number is all about wisdom. On the assertive side, this number is very critical and too analytical. They like to remain aloof and sometimes they are fault-finding. On the passive side, they also suffer from inferiority complex and are suppressive and secretive. The best part of this energy is that they are best in analyzing the situation and seeks deeper truths about life.

Number 8:

Its all about authority and is over ambitious to attain leadership or power. These number is very materialistic and loves display. The passive part of this number is that these number fears failure and sometimes careless regard for money. The best of this number is that this number can execute a project and respects wealth.

Number 9:

This number is about compassion and most of the time impractical, fickle minded and over-idealistic. This number also need to have tolerance for other’s views and are too generous. On the passive side, this number is aimless and are easily used by others. The best part of this number energy is that this number inspires others, gets inspired and help others. These number is gifted with artistic qualities and looks forward to creating a world of brotherhood and harmony.

Master Number 11:

This is a magical charismatic number; however, they are fanatical and are overzealous. They are people who do not inspire but are very sensitive to public reaction. The best part of this number is that they have a gift of clairvoyance and can unite higher consciousness with the material plane. They are visionary leader.

Master Number 22:

This number is all about leaving a legacy, whether is good or bad. They can exaggerate information and sometimes are very fast in working on things, which may not be important that moment of time. The problem with this number is that they are not like to have any great apathy for human needs. Hence, this number need to learn more about empathy, service for humanity. The best part of this number is that this number love to put higher thought into the organizational goals.

Master Number 33:

This number is all about serving others and is likely to be very caring. This number is all about emotions. They are over-protective and is a seeker of praise. This Master Number is all about helping others. The best part of this number is their concern about other and creating harmony.

These are just energies of numbers and are general thoughts about the same. There are positives and negatives in each number and there is nothing to get disappointed on the same. Numerology helps to work on that negative aspect for us to receive abundance from the universe. Also, the above thoughts are generalized and may not match with the thoughts of other numerologists.

The book ‘Secrets of Numerology’ by Dawne Kovan describes about the history of Numerology and the author describes in the book:

‘Numerology is mentioned in sacred literature from all over the world, which suggests that it had great significance for ancient writers. Each culture used a different numerical system. Europe’s system can be traced back to Egypt, Babylon, Greece and Rome. Many mathematical concepts were given to Europeans by the Arabs, whose culture flowered while the west was in the dark ages.’

(Excerpts taken from the book ‘Secrets of Numerology’ by Dawne Kovan).

The book describes in detail through pictures the concept of Universal Numbers, Personality Numbers, Destiny Numbers etc.

(Please Note: The above are my own personal thoughts after going through the book. Your views and opinions after reading the book may differ)

If I have to rate the book on 10 stars and 10 being the highest, I will give the book 9 stars.

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Thanks and Regards:

Mainak Majumdar, Book Critic

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