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Embracing Divine Joy: The Spiritual Journey of 'Shree Shree Ma Anandamayi' – A Book Recommendation

Photograph of my Amazon Kindle with the Book, 'Shree Shree Anandamayi Ma'
Photograph of my Amazon Kindle with the Book, 'Shree Shree Ma Anandamayi'

Embracing Divine Joy: The Spiritual Journey of 'Shree Shree Ma Anandamayi' – A Book Recommendation

One of the books that has always held a special place in my heart is those on spirituality. This profound subject often penetrates our thoughts, especially in moments of crisis or when intuition hints at deeper truths. Even young professionals and juniors, seeking to dispel negative thoughts, find solace under the vast canopy of spirituality. Among these treasures, the book on Shree Shree Ma Anandamayi by Gurupriya Devi stands out, infusing one's heart with unparalleled joie de vivre.

Shree Shree Anandamayi Ma was born on April 30, 1896, and departed for heavenly abode on August 27, 1982. She was an Indian saint, teacher, and mystic, her life steeped in Bhakti Yoga. She epitomized "divine grace," inspiring countless souls to walk the path of service, love, and ceaseless remembrance of the divine. Her followers were witnesses to her spiritual gifts, including precognition, faith healing, and miracles. Paramahansa Yogananda translated the Sanskrit epithet Anandamayi as "Joy-permeated" in English, a name bestowed upon her by her devotees in the 1920s to describe her perpetual state of divine joy.

Shree Shree Ma herself was the embodiment of bliss and happiness. Always joyous, she was devoted to alleviating the suffering and problems of others. There is something about a mother that transcends the intellect of us mere mortals. She was that 'mahabhava'—a state of supreme ecstasy and peace that we can only imagine but rarely experience. This article in the form of book recommendation is my humble offering, a holy oblation, to that eternal power in human form, through my deepest respect and love for the divine.

The author of this book, Sri Gurupriya Anandagiri, had the profound fortune of spending most of her life with Mother and was affectionately known as 'Didi' or 'elder sister.' As the book recounts, Sri Anandagiri shared nearly 50 years with Ma Anandamayi, her world beginning and ending with Mother.

Didi Gurupriya was born in February 1899 in Silchar, Assam, where her father, Dr. Shashanka Mohan Mukherji, served as Civil Surgeon. Despite her talents, she was drawn to an ascetic lifestyle, shunning worldly affairs. Her life transformed upon meeting Sree Sree Anandamayi Ma for the first time in Shahbagh.

In her own words, Gurupriya Devi writes:

"I was very shy by nature. It was extremely difficult for me to talk to strangers or even to come out before visitors at home.... Yet I did not shy before Mother. I approached her confidently and stood near her as if I had always known her. It is beyond my power to describe the personality I saw..."

(Excerpts taken from the book: ‘Shree Shree Ma Anandamayi’, written by Gurupriya Devi)

This meeting in 1925-26 in Shahbagh, Dacca, marked the beginning of a sacred journey. Didi Gurupriya left a precious legacy for the followers of Sree Sree Ma Anandamayi through her diaries, meticulously recording Mother's words and ways from 1926 almost until her last days. Her writings offer a detailed account of Mother's teachings and travels across the nation.

In one of her dialogues with Gurupriya didi, Mother imparts profound wisdom:

'...That is why I say that we should not demean anyone. If someone is in sadhu bhava, then it is appropriate to show respectful attention (shraddha). Accept whatever good there is in each one. When plucking a rose, do not pay attention to the thorns. Offer pranam acknowledging that this is also a part of that expansive greatness. And do it with shraddha. Shraddha bhava contributes to the well-being of both sides. you should converse with the same attitude. That could result in the transference of some of the influence of their tapasya bhava to you...'

(Excerpts taken from the book: ‘Shree Shree Ma Anandamayi’, written by Gurupriya Devi)

This book beautifully captures the essence of Mother's 'bhava'—her divine moods—as she journeyed across India. It is a testament to the days when Gurupriya didi was in her sacred company.

This book is a beautiful testament to the days Gurupriya didi spent with Sree Sree Anandamayi Ma.

You may explore this book if you yearn for spiritual wisdom and wish to delve into the lives of the saints of this great nation, India. It is a beacon of light and love, illuminating the path for seekers of the divine.

I read the book and, if I were to rate it out of 10 stars, with 10 being the highest, I would give it 9 stars.

(Please note: These are my personal thoughts based on reading this book. Your views, facts, and opinions after reading the book may differ. Feel free to comment if you believe any facts in this article should be reconsidered.)

That's all from me in this brief article. I hope you enjoyed my personal thoughts and opinions. Please share your views or comments on the book review and recommendation of ‘Shree Shree Ma Anandamayi’, written by Gurupriya Devi.

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