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Interested in Children's Books? Let's Journey into An Enchanting Book Review of 'The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe'

A Photograph of the book ''The Chronicles of Narnia The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe'
Photograph of the Book 'The Chronicles of Narnia The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe'

Interested in Children's Books? Let's Journey into An Enchanting Book Review of 'The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe'

My previous dive into 'The Chronicles of Narnia: The Magician’s Nephew' was an incredible experience! Immersing myself in it felt like entering a world of pure fantasy, showcasing C.S. Lewis's remarkable talent for transporting readers to entirely new realms. His captivating prose has the power to keep you engrossed in the story, a rare quality among many authors.

It's more than just a narrative; it's a journey through Narnia, a beautiful land overshadowed by the influence of an evil witch, plunging the kingdom into a harsh and relentless winter. While winter has its own beauty, its extremes can be oppressive, creating a landscape of hardship and adversity. In this mix of challenges and malevolence, a truly daunting environment emerges, impacting all inhabitants of the kingdom, both living and non-living.

When Disney sought the perfect setting to bring Narnia's mythical landscapes to life, they selected New Zealand, a land of majestic mountains and lush, sunlit grasslands. This choice speaks much about the essence of Lewis's creation. Lewis, born in East Belfast on the northeast coast of pre-partition Ireland, often wandered the gentle hills of Craigantlet and North Down with his brother Warnie. Images of the area reveal its magical allure, likely inspiring Lewis's vivid imagination and his capacity to craft a world where even trees and animals possess voices.

Despite the absence of direct references to his beloved Ulster in his works, my research indicates that Lewis harbored a deep fondness for the place, visiting frequently. His personal encounters and affection for Ulster likely fueled his creation of Narnia, a realm where even inanimate objects can communicate and share stories.

'The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe' is a captivating tale chronicling the escapades of four children—Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy—as they venture into Narnia. The narrative commences in London during air raids, with the children relocating to the countryside to live with an elderly Professor. The Professor, a solitary figure with only a housekeeper, Mrs. Macready, and a maid named Betty, unwittingly unveils the gateway to Narnia hidden within a wardrobe in his home, perhaps unexplored by the Professor himself.

The children's exploits in Narnia are a blend of wonder and peril, with Edmund falling under the White Witch's spell while Peter, Susan, and Lucy seek Aslan the lion's counsel to rescue themselves and Narnia from the witch's artificial winter. Their journey culminates in a fierce battle, where Aslan leads a charge of mythical creatures—dwarfs armed with battleaxes, dogs with sharp teeth, a giant wielding a crushing club, unicorns with piercing horns and centaurs brandishing swords and hooves.

The battle's peak is a triumphant roar as Peter and Edmund ascend to Kingship and Susan and Lucy to Queenship.

The resounding cries of "Long Live King Peter! Long Live Queen Susan! Long Live King Edmund! Long Live Queen Lucy!" create a magical ambiance, emphasizing the eternal truth that once a king or queen in Narnia, always a king or queen.

This captivating narrative by C.S. Lewis captures the essence of childhood wonder and the timeless appeal of fantasy, striking a chord with readers of all ages.

If I were to rate this book on a scale of 1 to 10 stars, with 10 being the highest, I would unequivocally award it 9 stars.

(Please note: These are my personal thoughts based on reading this book. Your views, facts, and opinions after reading the book may differ. Feel free to comment if you believe any facts in this article should be reconsidered and relooked. Thank you once again for pointing it out)

That's all from me in this brief article. I hope you enjoyed my personal thoughts and opinions. Please share your views or comments on the book review and recommendation of ‘The Chronicles of Narnia The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe’ by C. S. Lewis.

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