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7 Learnings on ‘Life’ from the Book ‘The Light We Carry — Overcoming In Uncertain Times’

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

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Photograph — Book ‘The Light We Carry — Overcoming In Uncertain Times’ by Michelle Obama

This book starts with the life of Michelle and the struggles She faced due to various social challenges her family had to undergo during Uncertain Times. The book had a great reflection of her childhood and her progress to becoming the First Lady of the United States of America. This book has extensive thoughts on her advice based on the tribulations she went through and how the light of positivity, carried by us can help to move forward in creating the wonderful life of our own. Worrying and anxiety are the reasons for which our encouragement diminishes. Hope can do wonders. Without hope there is no light. It’s this hope and the continuous effort to strive for success, that makes one successful, irrespective of the challenges.

In one part of the book, the author writes:

Barack and I had always tried to operate on the principles of hope and hard work, choosing to overlook the bad in favor of the good, believing that most of us shared common goals, and that progress could be made and measured, however incrementally, over time. Sure, maybe that’s an earnest, hopeful story, but we invested in it. We gave our lives over it.

(Excerpts Taken from The Light We Carry by Michelle Obama)

The book is a type of a self-help book beautifully expressed through her own story. The book in fact helps us to understand a lot about life and how to face the challenges. Michelle writes that:

Our hurts become our fears. Our fears become our limits. For many of us, this can be a heavy inheritance, carried by generations. It’s a lot to try to push back against, to try to unlearn.

-(Excerpts Taken from The Light We Carry by Michelle Obama)

This book is a unique self-help book for me, and it helped me learn the following:

It was said by Maya Angelou once that ‘Nothing can dim the light that shines from within’. There are circumstances when situations do not go well with many of us. There are times when people’s thoughts impoverish our thought process, and we tend to do the things which we are told and limit our abilities. The author Michelle Obama has suggested through her life story that we should not dim the light we carry.

There are times when we do things small, but we are happy. For the author, Michelle these were some impulse shopping, knitting etc. So, it depends on what type of tools help one to sort through one’s emotions and feelings.

We need to carefully evaluate our worries and learn to process our fears. During Crisis tensed situations, We need to understand, evaluate and learn to be comfortably afraid.

The act of kindness and a smile can change the entire environment.

We need to feel good about ourselves and understand that no one can make us feel bad for our attire, race, colour, ethnicity etc. We need to understand that we may be different in our looks, in our physical abilities but the fact lies that we all are humans and we can carry our differentness with pride.

We need to learn what is precious for us and try to preserve the same. There are many things in the world, which are valuable to many of us with many memories attached. We need to conserve the same with care.

We are part of the human community and we need to respect each other’s views, thought process and one’s individuality.

This is a wonderful book and I really enjoyed reading it. These learnings are my take-aways from the book that are sure to help me progress in the journey called ‘life’.

If I have to rate the book on 10 stars and 10 being the highest, I will give the book 9 stars.

(Please Note: The above are my own personal thoughts after going through the book. Your views and opinions after reading the book may differ)

This is all from me in this article. Hope you have liked my personal thoughts and opinions.

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